DiversiMed, Inc. DiversiMed, Inc.Let the Eagle Eye of DMI Maximize YOUR Health Care Dollars
DiversiMed, Inc. is the industry leader in cost containment through utilization review, serving a diverse group of health care claim payors such as insurance carriers, third party administrators, health maintenance organizations, self insured groups and government entities.

Our years of experience have developed the credo that not every healthcare claim should be audited, but every health care claim should be prescreened.

We do not represent health care service providers in any aspect of our business. On occasion, we assist individual consumers who have health coverage insurance.

If the following symptoms are present, call DMI immediately!

Symptoms to heed: Symptoms
  • You notice totally distorted insurance charges for healthcare services
  • You receive address changes to warm climate for winter for patients
  • You are not notified when your insured members are admitted to the hospital
  • You learn after the fact that the claimant has a high claim
Rx: Call DMI for savings!

Our website introduces you to our business model and the services we offer:

Our staff takes YOUR interests personally!
To ensure system integrity and to provide our clients and ourselves the confirmed data integrity needed in today's data marketplace, we are committed to a yearly SAS 70 Type II Audit. Internal controls and security are constantly being reviewed and maintained at their highest levels, including compliance with HIPAA guidelines.

Within Dollars & Sense, we offer testimonials and case studies on savings and our proven results. We also introduce you to our staff and our way of doing business, announce employment opportunities and invite you to contact DiversiMed, Inc.

We strive to meet your expectations Professionalism, courtesy and client satisfaction are our top priorities. It is our goal to consistently produce a job well done, tailor made to suit your needs.
We know very well that you, as today's healthcare payor, have many vendor options available. We strive daily to meet the challenges of providing you "Service and Savings."
 Call DMI now -- we will show you how we exceed your cost containment expectations through expert services.
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